What is the Nebraska Corporate Games?
The Nebraska Corporate Games is a company based competition, taking place in April & May, that enables and supports teamwork, company pride and corporate wellness through healthy competition. There are 10 sports and competitions offered that include both competitive and non-competitive events. All events will be held in the evenings and on the weekends.

What is the purpose of the Nebraska Corporate Games?
- To promote physical activity, general physical fitness and volunteerism to employees of Nebraska businesses, municipalities and government entities through competitive sports and recreational events.
- To provide companies with a platform to promote employee wellness, teamwork and instill
company pride through competition in sports and recreational events.
- To provide a perk that companies can use in recruiting/retaining employees.

How large does a company have to be to participate in the Nebraska Corporate Games?
Companies of all sizes participate in the Nebraska Corporate Games. Once registration is complete, companies will be put into divisions based on general company size. Companies fewer than 75 employees are eligible to join with other small companies to compete as one company/team (sum of employees cannot exceed 100).

When does registration for the Nebraska Corporate Games take place?
Company registration for the Nebraska Corporate Games begins each October. Registration will continue until the Games hit capacity (estimated at 50 companies for 2020). Companies are encouraged to register early to guarantee a spot.

What is the company’s investment for the Nebraska Corporate Games?
The cost varies based on size of company and number of events employees register for. Prices
are as follows*:


100 or less employees $1,250
101-300 employees $1,500
301-600 employees $1,750
601-1,000 employees $2,250
1,001+ employees $2,750

Who is eligible to compete?
The Nebraska Corporate Games are open to any company, municipality or government agency or department in Nebraska. Participation is for regular employees (full or part-time), interns and retirees. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

How do employees sign-up for events?
In order to participate in the Nebraska Corporate Games, employers register online and reserve a spot for the company. Then, the company will be invoiced. At that point, employees can "declare" interest in sports and events. Employees will be able to "declare" their interest beginning Jan. 1, 2020 or earlier. For team sports and limited events, the company administrator or event coordinator will determine who is competing in which events.

What if an employee wants to enter multiple sports and events?
Employees are allowed to enter into multiple sports and events. However, "declaring" your interest does not guarantee your participation in that sport or event if there is a limit set for the amount of employees a company can enter. Contact your company administrator with further

How many participants can a company have in each event?
That depends on each event. Companies are encouraged to participate in all events if possible, but are not required. Each event page lists a roster limit. Some events, such as team events usually have a limit to the number of teams per company as well as a limit on the roster size. Most individual competitive and non-competitive events have no limit on the number of participants.

How are medals awarded for events?
Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in most individual and team sports. There are some sports and events that do not give out medals. Refer to the sport specific rules to see if you have an opportunity to win a medal.

Are there company awards?
All companies will compete against other companies of similar size, depending on number of companies entered, for company plaques in each division. One company will take home the NE Corporate Games Title Belt, which will be awarded to the company that accumulates the most points between the NE Corporate Games and participation in the Cornhusker State Games and the Mud Run. The Title Belt will be awarded after the Mud Run on Aug. 23.

How can companies become sponsors?
Sponsorships are available at several different levels. Get exposure for your company while also supporting a unique event. Contact the Nebraska Sports Council Staff at info@nebraskasportscouncil.com or 402-471-2544.

Are companies required to have uniforms?
Companies are encouraged to be creative and provide a company t-shirt or jersey for their employees in order to show company pride, but uniforms are not required for most events.

What if there is inclement weather?
Sports using outdoor sites are weather dependent. Competition will be conducted unless the facility managers or the Nebraska Corporate Games staff determine weather conditions to be potentially dangerous or life threatening, or if playing fields would incur significant damage. The Nebraska Corporate Games reserves all rights to change competition format, schedules or locations depending upon the situation. There will be no refunds for events canceled due to inclement weather. Any cancellations or changes to schedules due to inclement weather will be posted on our social media sites. Participants are encouraged to follow the Nebraska Corporate Games on Facebook.

What are the event limits and important dates?

Open = Any combination of men or women
Coed = Equal number of men and women, except bowling which is a minimum of 2 women.
*At 5 pm on the date listed, your company’s answer for a specific team sport and all of its divisions
(men, women, coed) will be frozen. Your company will be responsible to provide the number of teams
listed at that time. No shows may incur forfeit points. Schedules will be posted by on the “Schedule
Available” date.
*Each company will receive 15 entries into the 5K Road Race, Cycle Brew Tour, Fitness Walk and Zumba.
Each additional person after 15 will be an additional $10/per person.
*Basketball Hot Shot - 3-point and Free Throw competition. Company participation is limited to 3 men
and 3 women per competition and per age group, (18-29. 30-39, 40+).