DATE: Potential date is May 2. Dates will be finalized after all companies are registered and company sizes declared.

SITE:Spikes Beach Bar & Grille,2300 Judson St, Lincoln- ViewMap



DURATION OF EVENT: Approximately 2-3 hours each division.

ROSTER LIMIT: Teams consist of 5participants. Companies are allowed 1 Men's and Women'steam.

ELIGIBILITY: All players must be regular employees (full or part-time), interns or retirees of companies registered for the Nebraska Corporate Games

  • Tug of Warwill have medals for the top3 company winners in each division. Points will be awarded to the top four teams in each division, as follows:
Place Points
1st 600
2nd 500
3rd 400
4th 300
  • Participation points will be awarded to all teams in the Nebraska Corporate Games. To receive participation points, teams must complete the event as designed. Points for participation per team in Major Team Competition are as follows:
Event Participation Points
Tug of War 50